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Why would you call an attorney to the scene of a truck accident?

Truck accidents often pose much more serious harm to accident victims than traditional car accidents between two passenger vehicles. At the same time, these accidents often create much more complicated injury claims than other car accidents, as personal injury claims may include multiple defendants even when the truck driver is one of the parties at fault.

If you experience a truck accident, you should consider calling a professional personal injury attorney out to the scene of the accident to begin building a claim immediately. Often, an attorney can help collect evidence you might not know to look for. He or she can also document the scene of the accident to make it much easier to build a claim once your immediate medical needs are met.

Especially if you suffer any injuries, you should not have to focus on establishing a claim while at the scene of your accident. You should instead have the freedom to focus on your own care without fearing that doing so may cost you valuable information.

An attorney protects you from self-incrimination

As soon as a truck accident occurs, you should think about everything you say and do the way you would if a police officer accuses you of a crime. You can certainly interact with the other party in some way, but be mindful that anything you say is available to use against you later.

An attorney can advise you on what you should or should not say to the other driver or to the police when they arrive on the scene. This simple protection can make or break your claim. If you apologize to the other driver, for instance, he or she may claim that your apology counts as an admission of fault.

Gathering evidence toward a claim

Calling an attorney to gather evidence at the scene of the accident not only allows you to focus on your other concerns, it also frees the attorney to begin building a claim with the evidence that is actually useful.

Whereas you may have a decent idea of all the evidence you might need to build a strong claim, an attorney with experience litigating these types of claims understands what to look for and which evidence to prioritize and preserve.

An attorney may gather photo or video evidence substantiating the claim and may interview the other drivers and witnesses. Later, during the discovery phase, he or she may also review the truck driver's logs as well as any surveillance footage of the accident that was taken from nearby cameras.

Don't hesitate to reach out for the help that you need and deserve after an accident with a commercial truck. As soon as possible, begin protecting your rights and building a strong claim against the liable parties..

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