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Post-crash tips for a new driver

Imagine your daughter is only days away from getting her driver license. She has completed her driver education course and you have been riding passenger with her for months. Now she is almost ready to set out on her own. But have you covered everything with her? You have spent countless hours teaching her how to avoid an accident, instructing her to always be alert and to keep that seat belt on. Unfortunately, no matter how many precautions she takes, sometimes it is impossible to completely avoid a car wreck.

Part of preparing your teenager to drive is teaching her what to do if she is in a car wreck. Knowing what do can go a long way toward coming out the other side of an accident successfully. However, dealing with the aftermath of a car wreck can be very complicated and difficult. A local Orange personal injury attorney can help you navigate the process of filing a claim after an accident.

Read further for tips to share with your teenager on the first steps to take after a motor vehicle accident.

Don't leave the scene

After an accident, you should not leave the scene until it is fine to do so. If the accident caused injury to another person and you leave the scene, you could face hit-and-run criminal penalties.

Check the other people

Before taking stock of the damage to your vehicle, take time to make sure all the other people involved are not seriously injured. If someone needs medical attention, call for help immediately. Unless there is an immediate threat of further injury or death, do not move anyone that is unconscious or seems to be suffering from a neck or back injury.

Call the police to report the accident

Call the police as soon as possible so that an officer can file a police report. While this is especially important if someone is injured or there is serious property damage, you should also do this for minor accidents. Car insurance providers often require police reports before approving a claim.

Exchange information with everyone

Exchange information with the other driver and anyone else involved in the accident. Be sure to get names, phone numbers and addresses. Also, take pictures of the damage to both cars, and be sure to get the license plate of the other vehicle. While speaking with the other people involved, stay friendly but do not apologize for the accident or admit any wrongdoing or fault.

Get witness statements

Talk to anyone that witnessed the accident. Get written statements about what they saw as well as their contact information.

Call your insurance company

Report the accident to your insurance once you have had time to calm down after the incident. Calmly explain the situation and tell them as many details as possible about what happened. Additionally, provide the company with a copy of the police report after it has been filed. Be sure to be truthful with your insurance company. If you make any false claims, you could face denial of coverage, or even worse, criminal charges for insurance fraud.

See your doctor

Even if you do not think you have been injured, see your doctor for an exam to make sure there is no serious damage. It is not unusual to go a day or two without feeling the full extent of your injuries.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, it is important to understand your rights and options.

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