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A holiday nightmare: DWI and crashes

Every year, the holidays bring around family and friends. It's not uncommon to have a drink during a party, but some people take drinking too far before they head home. When they make poor choices and then get into their vehicles, they're putting lives at risk, like yours and the lives and your children.

DUI-related accidents are some of the most tragic, because they can be avoided simply by not drinking too much or finding a different way home that doesn't required you to drive. Drivers who choose to get behind the wheel do so knowing how much of a risk it really is.

Staying safe is a two-way street

Drunk driving isn't the only reason accidents happen, and staying safe is also your responsibility. While a drunk driver is likely to make errors that impact you, you can take some steps to avoid them and to help others get sober before they get behind the wheel. For example, you can choose to drive during the day, when it's less likely that drunk drivers will be on the roads, or you could make sure that a friend who has had too much to drink stays the night or gets a taxi. Taking these steps can keep your family and your friends safe.

If you're hit, you should take action

If you do get involved in an accident with a drunk driver, there are steps to take to help you get the best care and help. First, always head to the hospital after the crash, and make sure anyone else in the car goes, too. Talk to the police if you're able to, and get a copy of the police report. Keep your medical bills, and make sure you talk to a legal professional after the crash and before you sign any kind of settlement.

No one wants to get into a crash, but they do, of course, happen. Take steps to prevent them to the best of your ability, but if they do occur, know how to move forward with your case.

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