Handling Product Liability Cases

Companies, manufacturers and retailers can be held liable when a product is defective or dangerous. At the Smith Law Firm in Orange, we are skilled attorneys who are board-certified in personal injury trial law in Texas.

At our law firm, your needs come first. We care about you and your family and are dedicated to protecting your rights if you or a loved one has been injured by a defective product.

Our law firm handles all types of product liability cases. We have experience representing victims of defective automobiles, defective medical devices and those injured by medical device recalls, defective drugs and other defective or dangerous consumer products.

Our Approach When Investigating Defective Automobiles

Most personal injury claim lawyers don't consider the vehicle to be the root cause of an accident. At our law firm, we take a different approach to make sure all evidence and potential causes of an accident are explored. After a serious car accident, we will question if the automobile was defective or dangerous, and we will investigate to see if any products in the vehicle posed a risk and contributed to the crash or caused the injuries to be worse than they should have been.

Defective auto cases can include defective air bags or seat belts, unsafe roofs that crush too easily, defective door latches, unsafe windshields or exploding fuel tanks. We will also investigate to see what kind of protection the seatbacks provided. In many accidents, a seatback breaks and passengers can be thrown from their seat and suffer further injuries because the seat back was not strong enough. We will examine the vehicle after an accident to see how much protection it provided and if any defects contributed to the accident and your injuries.

Whether you or a loved one has been injured in an accident caused by a defective part or by a defective medical device, dangerous drug or consumer product, we will be there every step of the way to help you find the best road to recovery.

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