Were You Injured On Someone Else's Property?

Commercial retailers are expected to keep their floors and other spaces clean and safe for customers. These retailers also know that merchandise, colorful displays, eye-catching signs, and crowded stores can and do create myriad distractions for the average customer.

Workplace accidents also often occur on the property of another person or company.

In Texas, property owners can be held liable for accidents or injuries that occur to customers on their property. If the condition posed an unreasonable risk of harm, the owner knew or should have known of the danger, and the owner failed to adequately warn of the condition and make it reasonably safe, the owner can be held liable.

Our attorneys at the Smith Law Firm in Orange can help you understand your rights if you were injured due to an unsafe or dangerous property condition. We are board-certified in personal injury trial law and have extensive experience representing victims injured on the premises of a negligent property owner.

Types Of Dangerous Or Unsafe Property Conditions

We have helped victims pursue personal injury claims against property owners after suffering a wide range of injuries caused by unsafe or dangerous conditions, including:

  • Slippery or unsafe floors
  • Defective or broken handrailings
  • Defective or broken steps
  • Falling objects caused by improperly stacked materials or merchandise

Our lawyers will investigate the cause of the accident and determine if the property owner should have fixed the safety issue or warned customers about the hazard to prevent any injuries or accidents.

Premises liability cases involving injuries caused by slip and falls and other dangerous conditions can become complicated. Our attorneys have the skills, experience and knowledge to get you the best outcome. You can trust our law firm to handle your case with compassion and care every step of the way.

Learn More About Your Rights

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