What To Do After An Auto Accident

Car accidents can happen in a matter of seconds and may cause long-term injuries. Many victims of auto wrecks feel helpless or traumatized after a crash. Do you know what to do after getting into a car accident? Here are five critical steps to take:

1. Call The Police

Call the police to report the auto accident. Cooperate with all law enforcement and emergency personnel. The police report will play a role in your case.

2. Seek Medical Attention

This should go without saying, but seek medical attention as soon as possible. Make certain you attend all follow up appointments. Do not miss physical therapy sessions or other treatments. Keep in mind that the insurance company is looking for ways to avoid paying you compensation. If you do not keep up with your medical care, the insurance company may use that as proof that you are not as badly injured as you claim to be.

3. Protect Evidence

If possible, take photos of the motor vehicle accident scene. Take photos of the property damage before it is repaired and your injuries before they heal. Get the names of any witnesses. Make a journal to record your memories of what happened. All of these details may become critical to your claim.

4. Do Not Talk To The Insurance Company

The negligent driver's insurance company may contact you very early in the process. Remember that the insurance adjuster is not on your side, no matter how friendly he or she may seem. Everything you say can be used against you. Do not accept a settlement offer unless you are certain it is fair. Do not sign off on anything.

5. Talk To An Attorney For Free

At the Smith Law Firm in Orange, Texas, we begin every motor vehicle accident case with a free, no obligation consultation. We will look at your case, review any settlement offer and answer any questions you have.

Our lawyers know how difficult life can be after being injured in a crash. We can help you every step of the way to get the best compensation available to help pay for your injuries, medical care, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

We provide compassionate legal advice and can explore all of your legal options. We cannot stress the importance of seeking medical attention and getting treatment after an auto accident. In some cases, your injuries may not show symptoms until days or even weeks after an accident. You still have the right to seek compensation for your injuries, but lack of medical attention can impair your ability to make a full recovery.

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